Accu-Seal Announces the the new 675 Vacuum Sealer

The model 675 smartVac series Vacuum Sealers are the perfect solution for packaging moisture and oxygen sensitive products as well as industrial and consumer goods. This pneumatic impulse heat vacuum sealer is designed for sealing a wide range of bag materials used in packaging products for electronics, aerospace, industrial, chemical, general consumer and food industries.

This All American made vacuum sealer is available in three different models.

Model 1- Vacuum and Seal only mode
Model 2- Gas-Vacuum-Seal, Vac-Seal and Seal only mode
Model 3- Multiple seal modes (6) with multi –cycle (1-99) plus independent Vac1 and Gas1 and Vac2 and Gas2 times as well as Seal only mode.

The smartVAC has a non-particle generating Venturi vacuum system and isolated exhaust port. The smartVAC control pad eliminates outdated analog timers and has a user friendly large character display that operators can learn to use in minutes. The open-ended seal bars and retractable nozzle make bag insertion easy and enhances production speed. All models include E-Stop and safe low-pressure bar close with jaw obstruction safety feature. Standard features also include ¼” wide seal element, seal counter, manual (foot switch) advance of digital timers, pressure regulator and gauge and vacuum gauge. Models 2 & 3 with gas feature have a manual purge button.For over 40 years Accu-Seal has been your trusted partner assisting you with solutions for Heat Sealing and Vacuum Sealing your products. We are pleased to offer solutions for sealing in your product integrity.

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