HDMP3 Heavy Duty Vacuum Sealer with New Wide Jaw Opening

HDMP3 Heavy Duty Vacuum Sealer

New 4” wide Seal Jaw Opening Maximizes Production Flexibility

September 2, 2009 – ACCU-SEAL introduces the redesigned HDMP3 Vacuum Sealer for packaging virtually any industrial, chemical, electronic, food & perishable product reliably and consistently.

The new super wide jaw opening speeds production enabling the operator to easily position the package in the seal area. Ideal for small to medium size packaging operations, this semi-automatic packaging machine heat seals a variety of bag sizes from 20” to 60” with or without a vacuum. Maximize production flexibility and satisfy the demands of a wide range of packaging applications, all on one machine. Standard features include 5 selectable seal modes including gas flush, selectable upper and lower heat. Simple full digital PLC controls with touch screen and optional pre-set recipes enable operators to be trained to use the Sealer in minutes and offer consistent operating performance.

Designed for ease of use, on a tabletop or bench, angled on a stand or in a full vertical position over a conveyor, the controls are ergonomically placed for easy operator access. Achieve maximum production speed and flexibility by mounting the HDMP sealer on the Accu-Seal pneumatically controlled machine stand.

The Sealer offers adjustable user programs that set the vacuum, gas flush, and heat sealing time to consistently package a wide range of products including wet and dry produce, cream cheese, coffee and other food products. The Sealer is available in seal lengths from 20” to 60” and is perfect for sealing large bags in a box or drum.

Designed for ease of use, the 4” wide jaw opening allows the operator to easily position the vacuum nozzles in the bag and then, just press the foot switch and seal the bag. The PLC-controlled Sealer maximizes production flexibility while offering simple operation and consistent performance. The HDMP3 vacuum sealer is manufactured with a low-maintenance venturi vacuum system, and the highest quality components, the Sealer provides years of reliable, trouble-free operation. The laser cut and welded stainless steel enclosures and easily detachable vacuum nozzles simplify the cleaning process.

The HDMP3 Vacuum Sealer is backed by a two year limited warranty. Spare parts are available on our website and ready to ship within 24hours. Technical support is available every hour we are open. When you call you will always talk to a "live” person, never to voice mail.

We are always listening to our customers and improving our products to be sure they deliver the greatest value and performance to our customers.

The HDMP Heavy Duty Vacuum Sealer just got even better…Experience the difference.