Introducing the Model 830 MEDICAL HEAT SEALER that fits your Process Perfectly

(San Marcos, California) … Accu-Seal Corporation a leading manufacturer and distributor of heat and vacuum sealing machinery, introduces the Model 830, Impulse Heat Sealer with remote seal head. When you need flexibility, enhanced production, space maximization, and total process control, this sealer is the perfect choice. The separate control cabinet, seal head and touch screen allow you to place each component to maximize your specific sealing process requirements. It’s virtually a Custom machine without the custom price tag.

Arranging a Heat Sealing station is as easy as 1-2-3. The Seal Head can be placed in a laminar flow hood, on a tabletop, cart or stand, and is operable in a vertical, horizontal or angled position. The Touch screen is mounted on a flexible arm so the operator has easy access and visibility. The control cabinet can be wall mounted, lay flat or stand up within 6 feet of the seal head.

The new 830 Heat Sealer was engineered to overcome the space constraints of heat sealing pouches in flow hood applications. This heat sealer is fully validatable with the repeatability and reliability required in the medical industry. Standard features include full digital process control and display through the LCD touch screen HMI, password protected seal parameters, visual and audible alarmed process fault indication, multiple recipe storage (50), seal lengths up to 35”, validation verification ports and external exhaust port. The laser cut and welded stainless steel case provides a clean room friendly, seamless enclosure for cleaning that is not corrosive to biocides and sterilization fluids. The sealer is 100% validatable and calibratable, ISO 11607, CE compliant.

Don’t sacrifice valuable workspace. The 830 Heat Sealer with Remote Seal Head answers the industry’s need for smaller footprints, modular design and ease of operation through its simplified

operator touch screen. The Modular design simplifies maintenance and sterilization further reducing downtime. The electrical power and pneumatic tubing are easily disconnected from the machine. The remote seal head enhances productivity by eliminating the need to fit a large heat sealing machine into a small work space.

According to Lesley Jensen, General Manager, Accu-Seal, "Our goal is to continually improve the design of our products to meet your business needs…the design and development of this machine was based upon suggestions and requests from our customers… to meet specific medical industry requirements.”