Model 20 Manual Accu-Sealer

This heavy duty heat sealer machine is the one we recommend when a manual, yet rugged bag sealer is needed. This portable tabletop unit can be used for low volume production as well as situations that require heavier film thickness.

The model 20, portable Heavy duty Bag Sealer is the heat sealing machine we most often recommend when a manual, yet rugged heat sealer is needed. The model 20, heat sealer can also be used with a mechanical foot pedal, offering hands-free operation for an easy, convenient way to seal pouches.

Built-in Features:
  • 10 Second Adjustable Electronic Heat Timer
  • 60 Second Adjustable Electronic Cool Timer


  • Power: 120 Vac, 7 Amps
  • Air - Not required


  • Length: Seal Length +5.5"
  • Width: 9.5"
  • Height: 8.5"
  • Approx. Weight: 26-40 lbs.

Factory Options:

  • Mechanical Foot Pedal
  • Product Support Tray
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  Seal Length 15",20",25",30", or 35"
  Seal Width Q- Trim/Seal, 1/8" or 1/4"
  Machine Length Seal Length +5.5"
  Machine Width 9.5"
  Machine Height 8.5"
  Approx Weight 26-40 lbs
  Power Requirements 120 Vac, 7 Amps
  Air Requirements Not Required

Available Product Accessories:

Multi-Position Accu-Seal Stand [MPMS]
Accu-Seal’s ergonomic muti-postion stand is the perfect stand for many of our vacuum and heat sealers. Its light, sturdy frame is adjustable to meet the proper height and machine angles to insure the maximum productivity.

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