Model 35 Original Cleanroom Vacuum Sealer

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  • Multi Position Machine Stand
Designed for demanding electronics cleanroom environments, this industry standard vacuum sealer maintains consistent vacuum levels and leak proof seals over a longer productive life.

The model 35 impulse heat vacuum sealer features our original clean room friendly design with isolated exhaust port, stationary vacuum nozzle and venturi vacuum system with no moving parts to generate particles. This tabletop vacuum sealer has become the time tested industry standard for tabletop vacuum sealers and Gas / Vacuum sealers in the demanding clean room electronics environments for which they were designed.

Moisture Insurance

The Accu-Seal 35 helps insure the integrity of your products. When used with a heat sealable, electrostatic safe (ESD), moisture barrier bag with desiccant and humidity indicator card, it provides the maximum protection against moisture and oxygen contamination.

Cleanroom Features:

  • Non-particle Generating Venturi Vacuum System
  • Clean Design (To Class 100)

Built-in Features:

  • 10 Second Adjustable Electronic Gas Timer (Gas/Vac Model)
  • 60 Second Adjustable Electronic Vacuum Timer
  • 10 Second Adjustable Electronic Heat Timer
  • 60 Second Adjustable Electronic Cool Timer
  • Electronic Foot Switch Activator: Can also be used to extend or override vacuum timer.
  • Jaw-Closed Heat-Only Safety Circuit
  • Operating Mode Switch:
    Gas-Vacuum-Seal Sequence (Gas/Vac Model)
    Vacuum-Seal Sequence
    Seal Only
  • Gas Pressure Regulator and Gauge (Gas/Vac Model)
  • Vacuum Gauge


  • Power: 120 Vac, 7 Amps (20")
  • Air: 1.0 CFM @ 80 PSI


  • Length: Seal Length + 5.5"
  • Width: 9.5"
  • Height: 8.5"
  • Approx. Weight: 26-40 lbs.

Factory Options:

  • Gas Purge System
  • 220 Vac Conversion
  • Product Support Tray

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  Seal Length 20",25"30" and 35"
  Seal Width 1/4" Standard (Other Widths & Styles Available)
  Vacuum Pressure Up to 26 in Hg Standard
  Suction Flow Up to 4.8 CFM (1.4 Standard)
  Machine Length Seal Lengths + 5.5"
  Machine Width 9.5"
  Machine Height 8.5"
  Approx Weight 26-40 lbs
  Power Requirements 120 Vac, 7 Amps (20")
  Air Requirements 1.0 CFM 80 PSI

Available Product Accessories:

Multi-Position Accu-Seal Stand [MPMS]
Accu-Seal’s ergonomic muti-postion stand is the perfect stand for many of our vacuum and heat sealers. Its light, sturdy frame is adjustable to meet the proper height and machine angles to insure the maximum productivity.

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