Accu-Seal Corporation a leading manufacturer and distributor of heat and vacuum sealing machinery, introduces the 8000 Series Vacuum Pouch Sealer with, patent pending, modular Quick-Release Vacuum and Seal Bar System. The new Quick-Release System is designed to be easily removed, without the use of tools thus reducing downtime when needing to sterilize the vacuum nozzle, tubing and seal bar. This efficient, time-saving removal method of the upper and lower vacuum and seal bar carrier plate allows for complete cleaning. Multiple carrier plates can be interchanged on a machine so one set of plates can be maintenanced or sterilized while another set of carrier plates remain in operation on the machine eliminating valuable downtime. The Modular Carrier Plates are designed for autoclave sterilization. The laser cut and welded stainless steel case provides a clean room friendly, seamless enclosure for cleaning that is not corrosive to biocides and sterilization fluids.

The new 8000 Series Vacuum Pouch Sealer was engineered to answer the demand for a machine with vacuum capabilities to 26 in-Hg standard and the repeatability and reliability required in the medical industry. Standard features include process control and display through the LCD touch screen HMI, recipe storage, validation verification ports, alarmed process fault indication, and multiple vacuum/gas flush operations up to 99 cycle repetitions. The sealer is available with upper and lower heat, is 100% validatable and calibratable, ISO 11607, CE & RoHS compliant.

The 8000 Series Pouch Sealer answers the industry’s need for smaller footprints, modular design and ease of operation through its simplified operator touch screen. The patent pending, Modular Quick-Release Vacuum and Seal Bar Carrier Plates simplify maintenance and sterilization further reducing downtime. The electrical power and pneumatic tubing are easily disconnected from the machine. Once the modular Carrier Plates have been removed, a smooth NEMA4 rated enclosure is exposed for cleaning. Removal of the carrier plates eliminates the need to remove the entire machine from a clean room or production location for sterilization and maintenance.

This new design is extremely robust, featuring high-pressure guided cylinder for extended lifecycle and consistent pressure across the seal bar for sealing difficult materials. New linear element tensioner has no exposed electrical connections, will not allow binding and assures element tension under all pressure settings. The new element tensioner design simplifies element replacement and extends element life. The new vacuum and seal bar design accommodates a pouch with as little as 1” header space.

According to Lesley Jensen, General Manager, Accu-Seal, "The design and development of this machine was based upon comments, suggestions and requests from our customers… to meet specific medical industry requirements. We believe we have achieved what we set out to do…”